Thursday, January 31, 2013

color trends {emerald}

I love color trends.  I love that some amazing group of designers and buyers somewhere meets in secret to decide on a new color, give it a cool name, and splash it all over all the latest fashions and home decor so we'll have to go shopping!  This drives my husband crazy.  He predicts they just let an intern throw a dart at the colorwheel.  (No!)

2013's Pantone color is a trusty friend.  Revived from 80's jewel tones and vintage green glassware, who doesn't love Emerald?

Emerald furniture

Emerald clothing
Emerald home accessories
Sparking any ideas?  

I must confess, while I can appreciate these inspiration pics, I'm not scheming on how I can work this in to my home or closet the way I did last year with tangerine.  But with Saint Patty's Day around the corner, I'll do a little something fun and see if I get the bug.

So if you were the intern famous designer who got to name this color, what would you call it?